Choreographed Dancing for Weight Loss with Cize

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Shaun T is a professional dancer and personal trainer who has developed a series of workout programs that focus on dance routines and fun choreography to help move the entire body without having to use weights or other exercise equipment. His latest dance program called Cize has raving reviews for being one of the most fun and effective programs on the market. On one popular fitness website, Jeanie’s Cize review claims that you can burn over 400 calories per workout without doing any high-impact moves.  The workouts are purely high intensity and focus on getting your heart rate up so you can burn a bunch of calories.

How does the Cize choreography work?

Cize features a variety of workouts ranging from beginner to advanced. The level one workouts teach you the moves at a slow pace eventually building up to being able to do an entire 30-50 minute routine and learning a fast paced and modern hip-hop dance routine to a popular song from artists such as Bruno Mars or Ariana Grande.  The best part of the program is that you hardly even realize you are working out because you are focusing on your form and trying to nail down the move.  Best of all, you are having a blast the entire time while listening to good music and learning moves you can bust out on the dance floor at a wedding or a night club.

Is the program for advanced learners only?

There are 6 workouts in total.  The first two are the yellow level one workouts and you’ll learn a variety of moves like “Row your boat”.  You will do the same routine for the entire work until you have managed to perfect it. Then you’ll move on to the second workout during week 2.  Feel free to go at your own pace and only move on when you feel comfortable and ready.  I have been able to get through all the workouts with ease because I am a professional dancer, but Cize is not only meant for those with dance experience.  Even the most novice of dancers can pick up these routines with ease.

What are the benefits for current dancers to follow a program like this?

This is a great program to follow if you are already a dancer and want extra training and practice or inspiration to develop new moves and routines as a trained choreographer.  It helps keep you in shape and many dancers need to keep training and practicing on their off time or vacation. This is a fun way to make sure you are still maintaining your body in peak shape and also not losing your ease of ability in learning new rehearsed routines. You’ll also get a great nutrition guide to help fuel your body with all the foods it needs to run like a race horse!

National Fundraising for Dance and Athletic Training

The National Competition of Dancing celebrates male and female dancers who excel in their athleticism and who have been performing a variety of routines and complex choreography for years. The Association is constantly looking to provide scholarships and funding for talented individuals within the school system who have the talent to exceed but perhaps do not currently have the funds to afford dance training or rhythmic gymnastics.

The association sought out to find an number of sponsors for their events and held a successful fundraiser in which a variety of popular health and fitness blogs donated a sum of money to help these organizations get back on track.  One of these diet blogs which have reviews on diet pills, a popular fiber supplement that encourages fat burning and weight loss donated a sum of money to go towards dance training for young girls and boys who want to get involved in their community. These donations were able to help a dozen children from local schools in Californian communities and suburbs attend local dance classes for a duration of the 2015-2016 school year.

The children will learn a variety of dance routines that will end in their performing a school year performance for friends and family. Not only do the kids practice their dance routines twice a week throughout the school year, but they also perform for retirement homes and senior citizens.  The organizations are very popular in the community. The kids also have lessons on health and diet to make sure they learn how to eat sensibly and what constitutes as a nutritious meal.

The association teaches children the importance of diet and health and also that kids need to be eating foods from all of the food groups. Not all food is created equally and many children do not know this or are not taught this at school.  It is so important that children learn about child obesity and how people become overweight or obese and how to prevent this. At the same time, they must learn to be proud and confident of their bodies because not all bodies are created equally and some bodies are more inclined to fat gaining and others more inclined to be slim or even muscular. We need to work with what we’ve got and not try to change our body chemistry, only be as healthy as we can without overdoing it.

The school system of California is slowly introducing change in the school system with healthier lunches that include a lot more fiber like wholegrain breads or oatmeal for breakfast.  Kids can also eat brown rice or pasta with their lunches. The school cafeterias rely a lot on giving children cheap foods like white pasta or white rice and fatty non-organic or free-range meats which can just cause more health problems and even cause children to become addicted to unhealthy foods.

The most important thing is to teach children about balance and getting fit so that they learn to love fitness and not associate it with doing something boring or not fun.  Healthy foods can be fresh, tasty and delicious, kids just need to try them and learn to love them!


High and Low Impact Athletic Dance Training

We have had some inquiries about getting started in dancing for beginners who are out of shape or overweight, One of our readers wrote us the following email:

“Hello, I have some concerns regarding dancing. I am just so confused. I am 300 pounds and haven’t been able to run or dance in over 10 years. I am 42 years old. I used to love dancing as a kid and did ballet for over 15 years. I then had an injury and was unable to walk for 5 years and put on over 100 pounds. I have been fat and depressed for a very long time.  I recently met with a therapist who said I need to start dancing again to improve both my physical and mental health. She said that dancing used to be therapeutic for me and doing something I love again could help get me out of this mental funk and also make me a more healthy person.

I don’t know where I should start. I feel like I’m too fat to do anything high intensity and even though I’ve lose weight using skinny fiber pills I know that diet alone isn’t going to fix all of my problems. I’m wondering how I can lose weight but also do dance and if I should start with high or low impact. Are there any sitting dancing moves I can do to start?  Please advise. I’m desperate”

This email broke our hearts a little. We know many people who are desperate to lose weight and get back dancing after having abandoned it for whatever reason for a long time. This reader wrote us a long time ago and we responded and asked her to join us for free sessions to use her progress as a case study.  She has been dancing low impact moves for over 5 months and lost 50 pounds. She is now 250 pounds and is able to do even more intense moves.  We recommended she start with jazz and modern dance as the moves were slower and more relaxed to do and required less physical energy and exertion.

She is now able to incorporate some higher impact moves and enjoys dancing hip hop regularly. She used to do ballet as a kid so that is something she is also enjoying and her flexibility is improving on a daily basis .We couldn’t be happier with her progress. We recommend you join a network for health and fitness to keep you encouraged and on the right path to weight loss.

The Dancer’s Diet

One of our dancers in training is about to perform in the show of a lifetime. It’s her first time dancing on stage in front of over 200 people and she has to perform rigorous dance routines for 2 hours with minimal water breaks.  Currently, she has only performed in stage in short segments of 30-45 minute shows and she says she is tired even after that. We decided to put together the ultimate dance training exercise and diet regime for her to follow so she is in peak condition for her performance.

With her permission, we will release all her personal information. Her name is Sandra, she is 5’7″ and weighs 180 pounds. In order to get her into peak performance and in the best physical shape, we will help her go on a diet to lose 20 pounds so she is at the ideal physical shape and will tire less easily during dance performances.

But dancing is certainly not about just weight loss, we need her to get in amazing shape by working out and lifting weights as well. Endurance is key in dancing and in the performance arts. She will be running for 60 minutes every day but not standard jogging. Her strides will be long, sprinting style, on and off as she completes interval training which will prepare her for the most difficult parts of her dance routines. Not all of the dancing is strenuous (modern dancing is lighter than hip hop for example) but she will need to be strong. She will also train with a personal trainer 4 times a week at the gym doing weight training circuits.  This trainer is a former military man and will help her as well on her 3 day diet before the day of the performance herself. On these days, she will eat restricted calories to get in shape for her uniform and dance costume but she will also exercise to be ready/not sore after the day of her performance.

These months of training will be very difficult but worth it. Dancing is one of the most physically strenuous activities and sports and many people don’t realize how much training is involved the days, weeks and months leading to the performance. We will be documenting Sandra’s success here while she gets in the best shape of her life.

Types of Dance for 2015 Season

This season we will be targeting a number of dance styles in our studio. Traditionally, we focus on classic and traditional Irish dance, river dance and tap dancing.

Our younger students have requested mixing river dance with hip hop and the results have been sensational, groundbreaking and unlike anything ever seen on the stage. Our choreographers are working hard this summer to open the season in September with new classes and performances that will literally blow your mind.

We are hoping to appeal to not only the older audiences but the younger generation with dance routines to modern mix but still preserving our Irish culture and heritage.  Stay tuned to see some incredible youtube videos with basic instructional and what you’ll be expecting this autumn from us here at idtana!

Welcome to IDTANA!

Hello! Thanks for joining us. We are DANCERS and love everything to do with dance training, choreography and staying in shape.  When you get involved in dancing, you need to have a fit body in order to last through long routines. Some of the routines we do are very strenuous and require a great level of fitness.

That’s not to say that people who are overweight cannot dance! But you need to be in shape to last through our routines.  Our website will help train beginner or novice dancers and give tips and resources for how you can become a dancer professionally.

Getting into the industry isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth it if you are passionate about dance like we are.