Choreographed Dancing for Weight Loss with Cize

Shaun T is a professional dancer and personal trainer who has developed a series of workout programs that focus on dance routines and fun choreography to help move the entire body without having to use weights or other exercise equipment. His latest dance program called Cize has raving reviews for being one of the most fun and effective programs on… More →

National Fundraising for Dance and Athletic Training

The National Competition of Dancing celebrates male and female dancers who excel in their athleticism and who have been performing a variety of routines and complex choreography for years. The Association is constantly looking to provide scholarships and funding for talented individuals within the school system who have the talent to exceed but perhaps do not currently have the funds… More →

The Dancer’s Diet

One of our dancers in training is about to perform in the show of a lifetime. It’s her first time dancing on stage in front of over 200 people and she has to perform rigorous dance routines for 2 hours with minimal water breaks.  Currently, she has only performed in stage in short segments of 30-45 minute shows and she… More →

Types of Dance for 2015 Season

This season we will be targeting a number of dance styles in our studio. Traditionally, we focus on classic and traditional Irish dance, river dance and tap dancing. Our younger students have requested mixing river dance with hip hop and the results have been sensational, groundbreaking and unlike anything ever seen on the stage. Our choreographers are working hard this… More →

Welcome to IDTANA!

Hello! Thanks for joining us. We are DANCERS and love everything to do with dance training, choreography and staying in shape.  When you get involved in dancing, you need to have a fit body in order to last through long routines. Some of the routines we do are very strenuous and require a great level of fitness. That’s not to… More →