Choreographed Dancing for Weight Loss with Cize

dance fitness routines

Shaun T is a professional dancer and personal trainer who has developed a series of workout programs that focus on dance routines and fun choreography to help move the entire body without having to use weights or other exercise equipment. His latest dance program called Cize has raving reviews for being one of the most fun and effective programs on the market. On one popular fitness website, Jeanie’s Cize review claims that you can burn over 400 calories per workout without doing any high-impact moves.  The workouts are purely high intensity and focus on getting your heart rate up so you can burn a bunch of calories.

How does the Cize choreography work?

Cize features a variety of workouts ranging from beginner to advanced. The level one workouts teach you the moves at a slow pace eventually building up to being able to do an entire 30-50 minute routine and learning a fast paced and modern hip-hop dance routine to a popular song from artists such as Bruno Mars or Ariana Grande.  The best part of the program is that you hardly even realize you are working out because you are focusing on your form and trying to nail down the move.  Best of all, you are having a blast the entire time while listening to good music and learning moves you can bust out on the dance floor at a wedding or a night club.

Is the program for advanced learners only?

There are 6 workouts in total.  The first two are the yellow level one workouts and you’ll learn a variety of moves like “Row your boat”.  You will do the same routine for the entire work until you have managed to perfect it. Then you’ll move on to the second workout during week 2.  Feel free to go at your own pace and only move on when you feel comfortable and ready.  I have been able to get through all the workouts with ease because I am a professional dancer, but Cize is not only meant for those with dance experience.  Even the most novice of dancers can pick up these routines with ease.

What are the benefits for current dancers to follow a program like this?

This is a great program to follow if you are already a dancer and want extra training and practice or inspiration to develop new moves and routines as a trained choreographer.  It helps keep you in shape and many dancers need to keep training and practicing on their off time or vacation. This is a fun way to make sure you are still maintaining your body in peak shape and also not losing your ease of ability in learning new rehearsed routines. You’ll also get a great nutrition guide to help fuel your body with all the foods it needs to run like a race horse!