High and Low Impact Athletic Dance Training

We have had some inquiries about getting started in dancing for beginners who are out of shape or overweight, One of our readers wrote us the following email:

“Hello, I have some concerns regarding dancing. I am just so confused. I am 300 pounds and haven’t been able to run or dance in over 10 years. I am 42 years old. I used to love dancing as a kid and did ballet for over 15 years. I then had an injury and was unable to walk for 5 years and put on over 100 pounds. I have been fat and depressed for a very long time.  I recently met with a therapist who said I need to start dancing again to improve both my physical and mental health. She said that dancing used to be therapeutic for me and doing something I love again could help get me out of this mental funk and also make me a more healthy person.

I don’t know where I should start. I feel like I’m too fat to do anything high intensity and even though I’ve lose weight using skinny fiber pills I know that diet alone isn’t going to fix all of my problems. I’m wondering how I can lose weight but also do dance and if I should start with high or low impact. Are there any sitting dancing moves I can do to start?  Please advise. I’m desperate”

This email broke our hearts a little. We know many people who are desperate to lose weight and get back dancing after having abandoned it for whatever reason for a long time. This reader wrote us a long time ago and we responded and asked her to join us for free sessions to use her progress as a case study.  She has been dancing low impact moves for over 5 months and lost 50 pounds. She is now 250 pounds and is able to do even more intense moves.  We recommended she start with jazz and modern dance as the moves were slower and more relaxed to do and required less physical energy and exertion.

She is now able to incorporate some higher impact moves and enjoys dancing hip hop regularly. She used to do ballet as a kid so that is something she is also enjoying and her flexibility is improving on a daily basis .We couldn’t be happier with her progress. We recommend you join a network for health and fitness to keep you encouraged and on the right path to weight loss.