The Irish Dancing Teachers Association of North America was born in March, 1964 when Mae Butler, Fedelmia Davis, Kevin McKenna, Cyril McNiff and Anna O’Sullivan met at the Irish Institute in New York City.  They came together with the goal of assuring teacher and adjudicator competency, as well as standardizing the ever growing number of feisanna throughout North America.  Since that small beginning, through the efforts of many dedicated Irish Dance Teachers, the IDTANA has grown to over 500 members, and now oversees seven regional branches: Mid Atlantic (Eastern), Mid America, Western, Eastern Canadian, Western Canadian, New England and Southern.

The IDTANA operates under the auspices of the Irish Dancing Commission in Dublin. All members of the IDTANA are registered as a TMRF, TCRG or ADCRG by the Commission. While not members of the Commission each teacher must pay dues to that as as to the IDTANA and their regional body in order to remain registered as a teacher.  North America currently has sixteen members on the Commission, six of whom have been elected as Vice-Presidents.

The emphasis of the IDTANA is currently on Regional and North American Oireachtasi.   These events, which are ever growing in size, qualify dancers for the World Championships.  North America has had a steady stream of World Champions since 1976, when Michael Flatley was the first North American to win the title, and numerous dancers have taken home medals.