National Fundraising for Dance and Athletic Training

The National Competition of Dancing celebrates male and female dancers who excel in their athleticism and who have been performing a variety of routines and complex choreography for years. The Association is constantly looking to provide scholarships and funding for talented individuals within the school system who have the talent to exceed but perhaps do not currently have the funds to afford dance training or rhythmic gymnastics.

The association sought out to find an number of sponsors for their events and held a successful fundraiser in which a variety of popular health and fitness blogs donated a sum of money to help these organizations get back on track.  One of these diet blogs which have reviews on diet pills, a popular fiber supplement that encourages fat burning and weight loss donated a sum of money to go towards dance training for young girls and boys who want to get involved in their community. These donations were able to help a dozen children from local schools in Californian communities and suburbs attend local dance classes for a duration of the 2015-2016 school year.

The children will learn a variety of dance routines that will end in their performing a school year performance for friends and family. Not only do the kids practice their dance routines twice a week throughout the school year, but they also perform for retirement homes and senior citizens.  The organizations are very popular in the community. The kids also have lessons on health and diet to make sure they learn how to eat sensibly and what constitutes as a nutritious meal.

The association teaches children the importance of diet and health and also that kids need to be eating foods from all of the food groups. Not all food is created equally and many children do not know this or are not taught this at school.  It is so important that children learn about child obesity and how people become overweight or obese and how to prevent this. At the same time, they must learn to be proud and confident of their bodies because not all bodies are created equally and some bodies are more inclined to fat gaining and others more inclined to be slim or even muscular. We need to work with what we’ve got and not try to change our body chemistry, only be as healthy as we can without overdoing it.

The school system of California is slowly introducing change in the school system with healthier lunches that include a lot more fiber like wholegrain breads or oatmeal for breakfast.  Kids can also eat brown rice or pasta with their lunches. The school cafeterias rely a lot on giving children cheap foods like white pasta or white rice and fatty non-organic or free-range meats which can just cause more health problems and even cause children to become addicted to unhealthy foods.

The most important thing is to teach children about balance and getting fit so that they learn to love fitness and not associate it with doing something boring or not fun.  Healthy foods can be fresh, tasty and delicious, kids just need to try them and learn to love them!