The Dancer’s Diet

One of our dancers in training is about to perform in the show of a lifetime. It’s her first time dancing on stage in front of over 200 people and she has to perform rigorous dance routines for 2 hours with minimal water breaks.  Currently, she has only performed in stage in short segments of 30-45 minute shows and she says she is tired even after that. We decided to put together the ultimate dance training exercise and diet regime for her to follow so she is in peak condition for her performance.

With her permission, we will release all her personal information. Her name is Sandra, she is 5’7″ and weighs 180 pounds. In order to get her into peak performance and in the best physical shape, we will help her go on a diet to lose 20 pounds so she is at the ideal physical shape and will tire less easily during dance performances.

But dancing is certainly not about just weight loss, we need her to get in amazing shape by working out and lifting weights as well. Endurance is key in dancing and in the performance arts. She will be running for 60 minutes every day but not standard jogging. Her strides will be long, sprinting style, on and off as she completes interval training which will prepare her for the most difficult parts of her dance routines. Not all of the dancing is strenuous (modern dancing is lighter than hip hop for example) but she will need to be strong. She will also train with a personal trainer 4 times a week at the gym doing weight training circuits.  This trainer is a former military man and will help her as well on her 3 day diet before the day of the performance herself. On these days, she will eat restricted calories to get in shape for her uniform and dance costume but she will also exercise to be ready/not sore after the day of her performance.

These months of training will be very difficult but worth it. Dancing is one of the most physically strenuous activities and sports and many people don’t realize how much training is involved the days, weeks and months leading to the performance. We will be documenting Sandra’s success here while she gets in the best shape of her life.